Coca-Cola lost 400 Million USD For Ronaldo!

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Humaira Urmi

Coca-Cola lost 400 Million USD For Ronaldo! Photo: Marca

A biggest storm was roaming around Ronaldo’s press conference yesterday. Portuguese captain caused a big earthquake, did he do it on purpose? Who knows! He removed the soft drink bottles from the table before he started talking at the pre-match press conference. Coincidentally, the bottles on the table were Coca-Cola, UEFA’s biggest sponsor.

Health-conscious Ronaldo has told everyone to forget soft drinks and drink water. He removed Coca-Cola from the table. And that is why the stock market has had a downfall. In just half an hour, Coca-Cola’s brand value has dropped by 400 million Dollar. In other words, Coca-Cola has lost Tk 33,915 crore in one doing of Ronaldo.


There is no one around Ronaldo in terms of followers on social media. He is followed by 53 crore people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He has more followers on Instagram. 298 million users on Instagram are waiting for every new post of Ronaldo.

And the number of Instagram followers is a big source of income for Ronaldo. According to a study conducted in 2019, Ronaldo can earn 9 lakh 75 thousand dollars per post for posting products on Instagram. In 2019, his annual income from Instagram was 4 crore 78 lakh dollars. At that time, Ronaldo had about 17 crore 70 lakh followers. Now another 12 crore followers have been added. As a result, Ronaldo plays a big role as a product ambassador.

When Ronaldo came to the press conference yesterday, he removed the two Coca-Cola bottles in front of him and pulled out the water bottle, saying, ‘Drink water. Coca-Cola … (No). ‘At the time, it seemed that he was doing marketing for Pepsi, which is the biggest rival of Coca-Cola. Maybe that’s why he was doing negative marketing like this. Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the Euro. Naturally, they kept their soft drink bottles on the press table. The Champions League press conference contains such a specific brand of drink.


PepsiCo has been on the trending list with Coca-Cola after this incident on social media. But so far no connection has been found between Ronaldo and Pepsi. However, Ronaldo’s defeat in this case has already happened to Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s share price was. 56.10 when the European stock market opened yesterday. Portugal’s pre-match press conference began half an hour later. The stock plunged to. 55.22 in the aftermath of the Puskas Stadium press conference in Budapest.

This means that Coca-Cola has lost 1.6 percent in one jump in the stock market. Which means that the value of the organization from 24 thousand 200 million dollars to 23 thousand 600 million dollars in one leap!

Health-conscious Ronaldo, however, has spoken out against Coca-Cola before. That’s a little different. Regarding how he governs his son, he said, “I put my son under strict discipline. Occasionally he eats coke or fanta, he also eats chips. He knows I don’t like it.”