Japan to ban all the spectator from Olympics!

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Humaira Urmi

Japan to ban all the spectator from Olympics! Photo: AP

Japan looks set to proclaim a highly sensitive situation in Tokyo over the COVID-19 pandemic for the fourth time, only fourteen days before the Olympics will begin in the city. Furthermore, coordinators of the Olympics are pondering prohibiting all onlookers from the occasion.

The Japan News announced a gathering between Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and bureau pastors on Wednesday considered expanding the highly sensitive situation in Tokyo from next Monday (July 12) to August 22. The Olympics will start on July 23 and finish up on August 8. Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura affirmed the arrangement to force crisis in Tokyo, Reuters announced.


The Japan News reported:

“At the meeting, ministers discussed extending the emergency-level priority measures that are scheduled to end on July 11 until Aug. 22 in the prefectures of Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa and Osaka. They also discussed an extension for the state of emergency in Okinawa Prefecture until Aug. 22,” 

The public authority is required to take official choices on the inconvenience and augmentation of crisis in these spots in the wake of getting thoughts of specialists.

Reuters detailed that the International Olympic Committee and authorities of the nearby government in Tokyo and Japanese government could settle on the degree of limitations on observers either on Thursday or Friday.


Reuters reported:

“… organizers told Olympic sponsors on Wednesday they are anticipating two scenarios when Tokyo goes under the state of emergency: Having no spectators or setting a 5,000-spectator cap,”


The agency added,

“In the no-spectator scenario, all sports and opening and closing ceremonies will likely be carried out without fans, including tickets allocated to the sponsors, the organizers told companies in online meetings.”

The impact of banning spectators will hit the Olympics budget, which has already reached $15.4 billion. Expected ticket revenue of around $815 million will also be hit.