Martinez wants to win World cup for Messi

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A saying is very common in Bengal, the creator is always by the side of the brave. The history of the past, the frustration of continuous defeats or the loss of the title in the final did not leave the Argentine fans behind in the dark of the past. Besides, there is an idea that Lionel Messi may not be able to win any major international title for the country.

Finally, the six-time best footballer of the year answered everything. The last time Argentina won the title was in 1993 when they lost to Mexico. Then just the story of frustration and despair. This time, a chip shot of Angel de Maria in the path of light, pushing away all the darkness of the past, Argentina won the Copa America after overcoming three decades of grief by losing to Samba country.

Lionel Messi, the star of Argentina’s victory with his naked eyes, or Angel de Maria, who cracked Brazil’s defense in the final, will be named, but another hero behind goalkeeper Amy Martinez will be named after the azure-blue.

The Aston Villa goalkeeper was magically changed by Argentina. In the semi-final, he saved three shots in a tiebreaker against Colombia and made it to the final alone.

The heroism of the semi-final has garnered praise for the best star of the team. He also received the title of ‘Phenomenon’ from Messi. How did the Aston Villa goalkeeper, one of the most successful stars in history? Amy Martinez answered.

One of the heroes of the recent Copa victory in Argentina spoke with Diaro Ole. From there, Mundo Albiceleste reported that Amy Martinez had agreed to die for Messi. After the heroism of the semi-final, Martinez became speechless when he heard his praise on the face of the Argentine captain. He said

“I get speechless when I see it. This is a moment you will want to cherish for a lifetime. Pictures of her embrace will keep you framed for a lifetime. The same thing happened in the semifinals when he came and hugged me. All this gave me the strength to play better in the final. ”

“How can I not play better in the final when he writes ‘Beast’ on Instagram with a picture of me embracing him?” I want to give my life for him, I want to die for him. ”Like every Argentine, Amy Martinez wants Messi to win the title.

The goalkeeper, who spent time on Arsenal’s bench at one point, also told Messi 4-5 months ago. “I told him 4-5 months ago, we will win the Copa America. And it has come true, as every Argentine has long wanted to see. “

After Argentina won the title and ended the drought in Argentina, this time the goal is the World Cup. Amy Martinez believes that the azure-blue will be able to present the World Cup to Messi again.

Amy Martinez said: “Every Brazilian wants Messi, but Argentina will win the Copa America this time. And as an Argentine, wouldn’t I want Messi to win? It’s done (Copa America) and hopefully we can give him the World Cup too. “