Messi overtakes Ronaldo in Instagram record

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been two of the best stars in the world for a decade and a half. The two superstars have set almost all the records in Argentina and Portugal with their outstanding performances.

The football fans are also enjoying the habit of breaking the record of the two on the field or off the field. In the battle of breaking the record, this time Messi has set another new record by surpassing Ronaldo. However, that is not inside the field. The six-time Footballer of the Year surpassed Ronaldo on Instagram. The Argentine star broke the Portuguese star’s record a year ago.

A few days ago, Messi posted a picture on Instagram of Copa America, the only title for the country after three decades of drought. The number of live responses in that film has crossed 20 million.

As of the writing of this report, Messi’s picture ‘Love’ has received about 2 crores 83 lakh 16 thousand 619 responses. This is the most loved photo ever posted by a player on Instagram.

Earlier the record was on social media Cristiano Ronaldo has the most followers. Ronaldo posted a picture with football god Diego Maradona on Instagram on the day of his death.

That was the most loved picture of any athlete on Instagram for so many days. 1 crore 96 lakh people fell in love with the film. After getting the most love response from the athletes on Instagram, Lionel Messi now has a big chance to come in the top two in the race for the highest response photo. Messi’s picture is currently at number six in the list of photos that received a ‘love’ response on Instagram.

There is a picture of Ariana Grande’s wedding at the top of the list with a little over 28 million responses. This is followed by the only image from XXExtension’s account, which has received a reaction of 25 million. Billy Ilish is in four and five, his two films have received 23 million and 22 million responses, respectively.

At the top of the list with the most responses on Instagram is a picture of an egg posted in a very funny trick from the account called World RecordAg on January 4, 2019. At the top of the list on Instagram. The response to this film has been more than five and a half crore.