Olympic football : Story of World Champions’ upset

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A story by A.H Badsha | Translated by Humaira Urmi

When I think of Germany, I inadvertently start talking about the holders and carriers of machine football. Latin American artistic football has also been repeatedly killed by power football.

A statement from English footballer Gary Lineker is very popular in the football world – “22 people run after the ball for 90 minutes in a football game, only Germany wins at the end of the day.” It is clear from the German record that the word is not a lie!

Germany is the second-highest four-time World Cup-winning team (jointly with Italy) after Brazil. No other team has reached the World Cup final like Germany (eight times). They have played in the semifinals for the thirteenth time!

The Germans have won the title three times, the second time three times, and the third time three times by participating in the fight for continental supremacy fourteen times. The three-time Confederations Cup champion is once the champion and the third is once the Diamond Shafts.

Brazil exports the most footballers in the world. Brazil has been named FIFA Player of the Year 12 times since 1990. Brazil is the highest participating team 21 times in the history of the World Cup (2nd highest 16 times Germany).

Brazil after winning Gold in Olympics

So far in the FIFA rankings, Brazil is first 14 times, 6 times 2nd, and 3 times 3rd. The common saying in football is, “Football was born by the English, Brazil gave it its fullness.” In football, Brazil vs. Germany means a fight to outdo each other.

The World Cup or the fight to be the best in their own continent, these two teams have different views However, the two teams have a lot in common in one place. That is, the duo, who dominate football, have won only one gold medal at the Olympics.

History has shown that so far the Olympics have hosted a total of 26 boys’ football tournaments. Where Brazil’s highest achievement before winning the elusive Olympics at home was winning three silver medals.

The Brazilian team had to give up hope of winning gold after losing in the finals to France in 1964 and the former Soviet Union in 1968. Selesaora also came very close to winning gold in the 2012 London Olympics.

The last ever Gold win for Germany in 1976

But at the last moment, he lost his temper. Finally, in 2017, the five-time world champion team, led by Neymar, tasted Olympic victory for the first time at home.

Brazil is the reigning Olympic champion, while the German title drought is getting longer and longer. Germany has won only one gold medal at the Summer Olympics before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After the East German team won gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the Die Manshafts never won a medal in the junior sport. Germany once came very close in 2016, but lost to host Brazil in the tiebreaker of the service, breaking the dream of the most successful team in Europe. Is it only Brazil or Germany?

Other big powers have big regrets in boys’ Olympic football. Among the World Cup-winning teams, no team has won more than one gold medal in the boys’ Olympics except Great Britain, Argentina and Uruguay.

Italy, the four-time world champion in the “Greatest Show on Earth” Olympics, has been the best only once, in that 1938 edition. France also won the medal once, in 1984. Spain, the most influential country in football in this century, won once, in 1992.

Reviewing the history of boys ‘Olympic football, it can be seen that the relatively small teams are in a very good position in the boys’ maharan. Hungary, the magical maggie of the once-responsive football team Perenc Puskas, is a little ahead.

Magical hungery with the most Gold medals

Hungary is the most successful team in the Olympics. The team, which has never won a World Cup, has won five Olympic gold and three bronze medals in 1952, 1964, and 1968, as well as silver and bronze medals.

Great Britain is not far behind in football, they have won three gold medals on par with Hungary. Argentina is one of the most successful football teams in the Olympics.

The country, which last won Olympic gold in 2008 with Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero, also won a medal in 2004. The Akashi-Nils are the only team to win Olympic gold medals back-to-back in this century. Argentina’s medal tally is higher than that of Great Britain, which is second in the boys’ Olympic football.

In addition to winning two Olympic gold medals, Diego Maradona’s country has also won two more silver medals. Uruguay, the first World Cup winner, has also won two Olympic gold medals.

There is one gold each in Yugoslavia, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Nigeria, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Mexico, East Germany and Brazil. Brazil is the most successful team to win gold at the Olympics.

Cameron ! they also won it

Even in terms of medals, Brazil is the most successful team in the competition. The team that won the elusive Olympic gold in 2016 has finished fourth in the competition, in addition to three silver medals and two bronze medals.

In all, Brazil has won a maximum of eight medals in Olympic football. In addition to Hungary’s drawn-out reign in the 1950s, the Olympics have seen a number of relatively weaker smaller teams become champions in the last 50 years. Poland won gold in Olympic football for the first time in 1972.

Teams such as Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, Nigeria, Cameroon and Mexico also won gold medals at the Olympics. Only Argentina, France, East Germany, Spain and Brazil have won Olympic gold medals. So the question is, why do football’s superpowers lag behind the relatively weaker teams in the boys’ Olympics?